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I am getting married to my partner Conall (left) on Friday 5th October 2018 in Bath and I'm looking for a videographer to come and film it for us. I'd like to edit the footage myself, but I don't mind if you want to use it in your own portfolio (although I don't think I'm that photogenic, but you're welcome)

The day will consist of the following

  • Applying clothing in an AirBnB 100 metres from the venue starting around 1:00pm
  • Civil ceremony in city centre location
  • Confetti / Photoshoot / Drinks reception
  • Meal followed by two short speeches
  • Cake cutting / dancing up until 9pm

I am far from the best wedding videographer in the business, but ideally I'd like someone fairly similar to my own style (see my work here) and I'll use the footage to edit a 'Documentary edit' of about 30 minutes and a highlights clip.

With my own wedding films I like to remain very much in the background, during the ceremony and speeches I remain in one position and have a camera at the rear out of sight as a back-up angle. I film a lot of the guests and don't place most emphasis on the couple shoot or set-up many shots.

On the day, I'm perfectly happy for you to do your own thing, although I'll probably record my own sound (I can't give up all control!) and I'll also supply a blank hard drive so you can copy the footage and give to me in the days after the wedding.

The photographer will be Kerry James

I have a fairly broad budget for this and I'm happy to consider all quotes and my decision will be based on portfolio / quality / style etc and not on price. Us videographers deserve to be paid fairly!


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